The Eastern Cape

Between the Indian Ocean and the Karoo, overlaid maps

1. Nguni, artichoke and leaf: with bits of Kentridge, Cindy Britz, Tori Stowe, the Keiskamma projects, postcards from the Pig and Whistle in Bathurst, cards of Native American pottery, a slice of Soccer World Cup ticket, a Design Indaba delegate card, etc20150222_181148

20150222_182539 20150222_182544 20150222_182550 20150222_182556 20150222_182601 20150222_182607

2. The angel, the mermaid and the pig: calendar from the Sydney Opera House of Maori paintings, Exclusive Books envelope, various bits of business cards, postcards and other cards, including postcard of Cape Point from Lorraine, as well as some packaging.


20150222_182522 20150222_182514 20150222_182508 20150222_182455 20150222_182447

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