Writing a marathon

Last Friday six of us got together at Chase Street to write a marathon. We used Natalie Goldberg’s instructions from Writing the Bones to guide us and modified the times slightly to suit our afternoon constraints. In essence the marathon is about writing and writing a lot in the company of other writers. Goldberg starts with 10 minute sessions and builds through 15 and 20 to 30. To get going everyone can throw a prompt into a pile, you can use or not use this prompt. Some of the writers came with a story and stuck to it all the way through, others like me, just let the prompt take me where ever it could. After a session you read your piece without comment from the others and then you move on. The writing again and again and the reading aloud have wonderful effects, in my case — and another two of the writers — it has provoked pieces I want to now take further. It’s given me material for more writing. Continue reading “Writing a marathon”