The conceit of colourlessness

Colourless_Tsukuru_Tazaki_and_His_Years_of_Pilgrimage-_Haruki_Murakami_EDIIMA20130417_0342_13By page 83 of Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and his years of pilgrimage I was thinking, wow! this book is so clever in its story within a story within a story. At that point I was reading about Tsukuru’s friend Haida’s story told to him by his father about an encounter he had as a student with a man about to die who was sort-of reluctantly offering him the chance to take on his ‘token of death’ for the chance to see auras and have a short, but heightened experience.

We had got there with very little effort on the part of the reader and a great deal of lovely plotting: Continue reading “The conceit of colourlessness”