These are my instructions (in case)

Just in case

Don’t coffin me, satin me, velvet me
Silence me in after comforts
Just put me — just me — into red, hard, stony, dry, however it comes, earth
But six feet is too deep
I have to hear the wind
I have to feel the surface near like eyelids
I want to know when it’s night, when it’s day
Instead of a stone weighing down on me
Plant the seed of a great tree in my heart
So that it can grow down and through me and take hold
So that it can grow up and out of me and spread
I want to be branches, buds, birds
As I lie
And the earth turns

©Anthea Garman, Artwork by Tracy Witelson

One Reply to “These are my instructions (in case)”

  1. I love this poem Anth and it reminds me of several images I made some year ago of trees growing up from my belly and head. In them we, the tree and I were both living, but it was with a view to eventually let go and for the tree to take over the living.

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