An analysis of reading to discover oneself as a writer

I follow the blog and email newsletter Writers Write, and a while ago Mia Botha posted this (which I’m repeating in toto because it’s such an interesting exercise to do):

   Mia Botha      How To Own Your Story

One of the first things we do on a Writers Write course is ask you to list the last five books that you have read. The rule (of the very big thumb) being that you will probably write what you like to read. I always smile when people list all these wonderful literary works, Pulitzer Prize winners, and Man Booker Prize winners, and then somewhere, usually around number four, they add something like a good old bodice-ripping romp. This is always done with a lot of blushing and explanations like, ‘It’s a fun read’ and ‘It’s for when I really need to relax’… Continue reading “An analysis of reading to discover oneself as a writer”